MC YOGI is a world-renowned yoga teacher, musician, and author. He has performed and taught yoga everywhere, from headlining festivals and nightclubs to performing in the Forbidden City in China and even at the White House. When not on the road, MC YOGI and his wife Amanda teach at their home studio, Point Reyes Yoga, in Northern California. To learn more, visit


Alec Balfour & Kurt Mansergh

Alec is Ottawa valley born and raised and teaches here locally. He believes yoga should be accessible to all and tries to lead a class that’s core principles are breathing naturally, moving freely cultivating a state of mindfulness, of being in the moment; Turning breath, body and movement and linking them into a dance.

Kurt’s journey to yoga came about through the avenue of philosophy and spiritual experience. He was raised in a family that encouraged the study of spirituality, and his first exposure to yoga was reading the Bhagavad Gita at the age of 13. At the time, Kurt didn’t quite grasp the concept and message but he knew it would come back into his life when he was ready. Today, he is a yogi first, and a teacher second. Kurt teaches with mindful attention and the intention of deepening self-awareness.


Aleysha Derksen

I believe that it is so important to have fun in the process of practice. Our jobs and our lives are already so serious, why should our yoga practice be too? My hope is that when we step on to our mats that we feel empowered and curious! This is the time to explore, be free of ego and let go of our expectations. Expect less, experience more!


Alex Ur

I use the tools of yoga and meditation to teach people how to be centred in themselves and the present moment. Whether I am teaching a flow or a meditation, I invite my students to show up for who they are in the moment with curiosity and love. My meditation classes are simple and relatable so that each one can give you tools to use in your everyday life.


Amber Stratton

I like teaching the types of classes I like to take, safely aligned athletic flows synchronizing breath with movement. Challenging my students both physically, and mentally. I’ve completed over 800hrs of training in Classical Hatha, Power Vinyasa and Moksha. As a yoga teacher, I have witnessed yoga as a powerful way to tap into our deepest places of trust, confidence and power. Ultimately, yoga is about transformation. As co-owner of Pure Yoga, I am grateful to be able to provide a safe place for students to evolve.


Andrea Robertson

Throughout the years Andrea has been a dedicated yoga student of Vinyasa, Power, Hatha, Iyengar, Yin and combines all teaching styles into her classes along with her love of strength training. Andrea’s personal and teaching flow practice has taken different shapes over the years and always evolving between fluidity and what creatively inspires her. She aims to honour the gift of yoga, providing a full body creative movement & mobility class paired with breath work, meditation, cultivating a quiet space that gives students an introspective experience for a complete mind-body experience. Andrea travels leading yoga retreats throughout the world and resides in both Ottawa and PEI. She is a regular teacher at Pure Yoga Ottawa.


Ashley Kokelj

Ashley Kokelj is a passionate, energetic soul and is a fixture in Ottawa's active lifestyle community. During weekdays, Ashley can be found teaching yoga, meditation, and functional training across the city at EPIC Fitness + Lifestyle and The Peace Room, but weekends are reserved for community events combining craft beer with yoga or running through her business Yoga on Tap and run club Run to Beer Ottawa. She believes that yoga and running are amazing tools to help manage our physical and mental health and by combining them with beer we can open a safe and inclusive dialogue about how the other lifestyle habits we choose affect our overall health and happiness. Join Ashley as we welcome Yoga on Tap to the festival this year where we'll combine yoga and craft beer for the perfect balance of wellness + indulgence.


Ayla Barker

Coming from a background in dance, I practice and teach a creative, fast-paced and fluid style practice. Music fuels the experience, that is less about alignment or perfection and more about mind-body connection and enjoyment. I love balancing strength and flexibility and teaching in a way that is progressive and intentional to get my students into postures they had no idea they were able to do! I’m a total inversion junkie, obsessed with handstands and arm balances. My favourite part of yoga is watching my students and my own practice continuously evolving and getting stronger. There is always more to learn, a new transition to master, or new shape to make. Practice and all is coming.


Brittany Bryden

My background in dance fuels my love to teach a creative, intuitive flowing class. My experience with injury reminds me to keep my sequences smart so my students practice safe and still leave with that feeling of bliss. I completed my training in Toronto under the guidance of Ron Reid, Marla Meenakshi Joy and David Bruni. I am also a big fan of Annie Carpenter and Jason Crandell. Yoga to me is the self-exploration authentic self. I have found my true passion and a true source of self-care, both physically and mentally on my mat. The opportunity to share this with my students is a gift, this practice has truly planted my feet on the ground. Coming from a competitive dance background, I eventually came to a crossroads where my body and mind were no longer feeling fulfilled or invested. I found yoga and body movement to rehabilitate my injured back, and I never looked back.


Ciara Beaton & Andrew Milliken

We like to keep our students uplifted by creating an engaging and inclusive practice environment that is always filled with laughter. Ciara has completed 500 hrs of training in classical Hatha, Power, Acro, Yin, Vinyasa, AntiGravity, Prenatal and Thai Massage. Andrew has completed over 300 hours of training in Vinyasa, Acro and Yin. Acroyoga is a practice based around trust. We have spent the last four years working together to marry this main element with a sense of play to help our students enliven their connections - whether it be with strangers, friends or partners. We believe deeply in bringing to life sweet acroyoga partnerships and a strong sense of community enriched with clear communication and built on these three foundations: trust, connect and play.


dallas delahunt

dallas is a yoga teacher who moves from intuition into exploration. While she loves to study with teachers who have clear voices, her methods are predominantly honed at home in Kingston, Ontario, where she’s taught for 13 years and owned a studio for 9. Her classes focus on creating quiet spaces for the mind to calm down amidst the movement, work, and stillness of the body. Like her presence, dallas’ classes are powerful and gentle.


Dana Wemyss

Dana has been teaching and studying yoga and healing work for 8+ years. Currently, she is working in rehabilitation and offers yoga therapy in the community for clients suffering from chronic pain, TBIs, PTSD and emotional challenges. In addition, Dana teaches classes and workshops at Yogatown and has an energy healing practice. Dana’s yoga teaching style is inquisitive, invitational and joyfully blends breath work, sound and intentional movements to release tension, increase energy flow and attune to inner peace.


Deanna Cormier

Professional Dance Teacher

Deanna has trained extensively in Tap, Jazz, Modern, Contemporary, Acro, and Ballet and has a collective 30 years of dance education. She teaches dance for the musical theatre program at St. Lawrence College in Brockville. She has also taught at various studios and schools in Ottawa and can currently be found teaching at Capital City Dance and Studio 360. She loves providing exceptional dance training to students of all ages and abilities in a positive and uplifting environment. Deanna cannot wait to be a part of City of Om this year. Come dance with me Lil Om’ies!


Devinder Kaur

Owner & Director of PranaShanti Yoga Centre

Attend a Kundalini class with Devinder, and you’ll experience why students have studied and practiced with her for well over 15 years. Her strong interpersonal approach to teaching helps people reach their individual goals and empower themselves through yoga. While talented and practiced, Devinder is also a 500 Hour Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher in the Hatha and Kundalini Yoga traditions. She is a Hatha Yoga Teacher Trainer and is a KRI Kundalini Yoga Lead Trainer. With over 25 years of experience as a self-employed business owner and business/IT consultant, she is a much-requested presenter on television programs, at local and national Yoga and Women’s conferences, and travels extensively as a guest trainer for Hatha and Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training programs.


Genevieve Munro

Genevieve Munro is an inspirational Yoga & Meditation Teacher and Teacher Trainer. Passionate about inspiring her students through poetry in motion, her fluid and intuitive classes challenge you to explore the full dimension of yoga, breath and meditation. Weaving in spiritual elements from her own practice and experience she guides her students into cultivating a life filled with mindfulness, presence and intention. Genevieve co-leads the 200hr Pure Yoga Teacher Training Program in Ottawa as well as the 40hr Yin & Meditation training for continuing studies. She strongly values the power of community and is the creator of the Pure Project Scholarship program which gives initiative to yoga student’s inspirational ideas to give back to their community. She compliments her teaching with Thai Yoga Massage and Reike which she lovingly gives from her home in Chelsea QC.


Iry Natsioks

Iry first discovered yoga as a way to overcome her physical injuries, but in the process discovered so much more. What first began as a movement of rehabilitation, soon turned into a love of focus, mental clarity, self-reflection and increased functional range of motion. Throughout the last 10 years, Iry has continued to explore various types of yoga lineages, initially starting with a traditional Ashtanga practice, then incorporating Modo/Moksha, traditional Hatha yoga, Vinyasa Flow, and Power yoga styles into her practice. Her classes are a dynamic fusion of her playful personality, healthy mobility, Hatha + Vinyasa flow with energizing elements of Power yoga, connecting movement with breath. Iry teaches in the Greater Toronto Area.


Jen Dalgleish

I like to keep my students inspired with strong creative sequencing. I love to teach an uplifting, strengthening sweaty practice. I have completed over 400hrs of training in classical Hatha, Core Vinyasa and Power. Yoga has been the key for me moving through life with serenity, courage and curiosity. As co-owner of Pure Yoga, I have been gifted to provide the space for others to land on their mats daily and continue to transform from the inside out.


Jenn Stow

Jennifer Stow has been leading yoga classes, workshops and trainings for the last 14 years. Jenn teaches intelligently sequenced, dynamic yoga classes for both children and adults. She has a degree in education and hundreds of hours of training in prana flow (Shiva Rea), Universal yoga (Andrey Lappa), kids yoga and antigravity yoga. Jenn teaches over 20 classes a week in the Ottawa area.; some challenging and powerful while others are relaxing and restorative. Her wealth of knowledge and experience along with her sense of humour and playfulness make Jenn’s classes both effective and FUN!


Jenna Switzer

Jenna’s yoga journey started with a strong foundation in anatomy training, which continues to support and influence both her asana (poses and movement) and mobility practices. She followed her original 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program with a certification and a specialization in therapy ball work. Jenna is the Teaching Team Lead for the PranaShanti Yoga Centre 200 Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Summer Immersion Program and offers numerous training and workshops throughout the year locally and internationally.


JP Tamblyn-Sabo

J-P Tamblyn-Sabo is a dedicated yoga practitioner, teacher, teacher of teachers, and the founder of the Ahimsa Yoga method – a style of yoga dedicated to honouring the ancient traditions, while continually refining the physical practice with a modern understanding of biomechanics and physiology. J-P’s students appreciate his clear, methodical instructions as well as his supportive and empowering teaching style. His skillful infusion of asana with spiritual depth and his ability to translate challenging philosophical, anatomical or esoteric concepts into accessible and familiar language are key components of his gifted instruction.


Julie Picotte Boniecki

Julie is a mother of three teens, a high school teacher and a yoga guide to students of all ages. She enjoys sharing the feeling of calm and ease that yoga brings on and off the mat. She’s completed training in Hatha, Restorative, Kids yoga, Power, Yin and Meditation and enjoys teaching a variety of classes in the Outaouais area. Her goal is to help you feel great in your body and calm in your mind creating space in your life for balance, creativity and positive energy.


Kate Gillespie

My practice began about 18 years ago. Years of competitive sports had me wound so tight that it took nearly a year to touch my toes. There was an immediate shift in my hamstrings, but the far more profound shift in my whole being was what hooked me. Yoga is magic. After nearly a decade of practice, I pursued my first teacher training with the intention of deepening my personal practice and having an extended vacation from a demanding finance career. The rest is history. I look forward to many more years of falling deeply in love with this magical practice. I am honoured to share my biggest passion by leading international retreats, teacher trainings, workshops and public classes all across Canada. After a few wonderful years in the Toronto community, I now call Vancouver home.


Kate Laird

Kate has been teaching fitness and yoga in Ottawa for 12 years and is highly addicted to both! She teaches most styles of yoga but specializes in power and core. You can practice with Kate at Pure Yoga or catch one of her baby/child-friendly boot camps.


Kathryn Flynn

Kathryn Anne Flynn is an old soul - a smart, warm, and occasionally humorous yoga teacher living in Ottawa, Canada. Recognized for her articulate and thoughtful voice in writing and teaching on yoga, Kathryn is known for weaving together philosophy, anatomy and Ayurveda (yoga’s lifestyle science), illuminating the complexities of these fields for practitioners and teachers alike. Students of many generations call her their teacher, drawn to her inclusivity and authenticity.

In classes, students love the atmosphere Kathryn creates that results in an efficient yet calm practice. In workshops and trainings, participants learn just how detailed the depth of her methods go. Seeing a need to help teachers hone their skills as facilitators, her trainings focus on refining information and practices so that we all continue to progress as students and teachers.


Katie Durie

I would describe myself as a capital Y Yogi, possibilitarian, spiritual heart, and an ever-evolving work-in-progress. Over 8 years ago, my life both ended & began in the blink of an eye when I survived a serious Traumatic Brain Injury; leaving a passionate career in the Corporate world behind. This brutal, but brilliant teacher helped me to see that life truly is happening for you, not to you. Yoga, Meditation, the rich philosophy & the potent, powerful teachings of this path were (and continue to be) the most empowering, liberating, and transformative tools on my healing journey. They've helped me find my way home, freeing my mind, my heart, and setting my soul on fire. Whether I'm guiding Flow, Yin, Restorative, Meditation, etc. my classes are rooted in LOVE. Whole-hearted, from the inside out. Mindfulness-based. Breath-focused. Creative & intentional, weaving in yogic and spiritual philosophy. Inspired by the human experience. xo.


Megan Beahan

I was first drawn to yoga for the mind-body connection that I found similar to dance. Over the years, yoga has connected me deeper with myself through the profound act of listening to my body and becoming less distracted by my thoughts. As a teacher, I believe in a challenging yoga practice that allows students to play to their edge, balanced with feel-good movement. I draw inspiration from dance to move creatively and to allow for self-expression. With a full schedule that includes a career in communications and teaching yoga, I have become passionate about work/life balance. My aim is to teach yoga that challenges and inspires, and that you can apply off your mat.


Michelle Tamblyn-Sabo

Michelle’s teaching reveals her profound love and adoration for the body’s inherent wisdom and ability to express the truth. Michelle is equipped to inspire women in living a wildly vibrant, sensual and powerful life fuelled by truth, wisdom and SoulBody connection. Michelle is the creator of Goddess Flow Yoga in addition to being a teacher, teacher trainer and co-owner of Ahimsa Yoga Centres in the GTA with her husband JP Tamblyn-Sabo.


Mike Dynie

Mike dedicated his life to teaching yoga on a full-time basis a decade ago and loves working with people from all walks of life. His personal practice has been based around a more traditional, structured form of yoga called Ashtanga Vinyasa, often described as a moving meditation, where poses are strung together and counted like beads on a mala. But his teaching is very different and involves constant innovation to serve the person in front of him, often drawing from other disciplines. Over the years, Mike developed a fascination with teaching healthy movement patterns, the power of the breath, and innovating classical yoga postures for more specific purposes. As the lead instructor in a 200hr Vinyasa Yoga certification course, hundreds of graduates are spreading these teachings in the spirit of service across Canada.


Nina Konjini

Yoga found me eight years ago, wrapped its arms around me, cradled and held me. Nina’s practice allows her to turn inward, to be a witness, to lean into the resistance and to surrender. On her mat, she found freedom and it is where peace finds her, over and over again. In my practice, she was finally able to face herself. She learned to lean into the resistance, the discomfort and to let go. She learned to show up, no matter what. Nina’s intention is to offer yoga to everybody, to create community, and to hold space for healing and laughter.


Olivia Cruickshank

At the young age of “as far back as I can remember...”, Chef Olivia’s love of food began on the banks of Lake Ontario, in the small town of Brighton, with her mother by her side. Chef Olivia remembers standing on the chair, transfixed by her mother preparing family recipes. Before long, she was slicing and chopping alongside her older brother, contributing to the family dinners. Getting her first taste of a kitchen at such an early age, she was prepared for her first ''official'' job at the local deli, cooking up roast chickens and preparing fresh salads. Chef Olivia’s dedication and love of healthy food has rubbed off on her tightknit staff, who efficiently run the back-of-the-house while Olivia focuses on the future of Pure Kitchen. Chef’s vision of healthy food, fresh unique flavours, and community connectivity has proven to be a success.


Peter Lavictoire

Peter has been in the fitness industry for 6 years and is always looking for new and unique ways to challenge the body. Training as a generalist trying to find that balance between strength, conditioning, mobility, and most of all fun. Peter's been trained mostly in Yoga, Yoga Tune up, and Kettlebells. So much of the training Peter puts himself through is to prevent pain/ injury, build better posture, and ultimately get the results of looking and feeling better. Coming from a background of competitive basketball and football, Peter has always had a drive for a physical challenge. However, now there is an equally strong drive towards self-awareness and alignment. If you're not seeing Peter in the Gym you'd find him being active in a yoga studio, walking the dog, rock climbing, or portage camping in Algonquin Park.


Rebecca White Raven

Rebecca White Raven is an Ottawa based musician, kirtan artist, and sound healer. She delights in bringing a community together, empowering others, and holding an intentional space for groups to experience consciousness raising through sound, song and dance.


Sophie Abboud

Sophie Abboud is an entrepreneur, yoga teacher, meditation teacher and sits on the board of Women Moving Forward Conference. Sophie was a leader for many years at the global retail brand lululemon. She now helps small to growing businesses, mid-level managers, teams and individuals with their leadership through leadership development, coaching and consulting. Sophie uses mindfulness strategies and personal experience to help her clients feel confident and authentic in their leadership. Sophie sought personal development through traveling the world, studied buddhism and has participated in various Tibetan buddhist retreats in silence. She is driven to help people reach their full potential, eliminate stress, burnout and un-happiness in the workplace.


Stéphane Ippersiel

Stéphane brings a strong presence, a solid foundational teaching style and his sense of humour to every class, making for a well-framed and accepting environment for students, with carefully selected music to set the mood of the class. Stéphane prefers to place the accent on fundamentals: proper alignment, connection to the ground and relaxed breathing. He provides clear, direct instruction accompanied with key information and variations on the postures. Stéphane is grateful to have been taught by so many highly skilled teachers. The result of learning from so many different styles is an understanding that each student needs to be approached differently, and that in yoga, one size does not fit all.


Taylor Gendron

Bio coming soon!


Tiffani Harris

Tiffani Harris is an Ottawa based yoga instructor and RMT who loves leading classes, teacher training, workshops and retreats. As an experienced educator participating in over 10 Yoga Teacher Training programs and counting she loves to share her passion for Anatomy and safe movement. She is passionate about helping people feel their best and encourages relaxation and the power of touch with offerings such as Yogassage and the Art of Adjustments. She supports her community as a Lululemon brand ambassador and creating fun events such as yoga Jam the fusion of yoga and dance party! I love to teach yoga because sharing the practice of self-study and the tools to help manage life and its stressors can lead to living the healthiest, happiness and most whole version of the self. I also find it personally a creative outlet and fosters a deep connection to the community.


Tracy Billows

I love to teach a strong, slow flow that leaves you feeling centred, grounded, and ready to take on the world. I also have a deep appreciation for the quieter practices like restorative, yin, and meditation, and weave elements of these into my classes. While I've been teaching for over 10 years, I consider myself first and foremost a student. I've taken countless trainings and workshops with many incredibly gifted teachers in countries around the world. I just can't get enough. As someone who has struggled on and off with depression for many years, yoga has, without a doubt, been the most reliable and consistent way for me to remain healthy on every level. Yoga has been the gift that keeps on giving and I feel incredibly grateful to share this gift with others.


Vanessa Sorgard

Yoga was love at first breath for me so many years ago! I teach because I want my students to experience the joy, strength, and freedom that yoga has brought me both on and off my mat. My creative but intelligent sequencing weaves in philosophy, pranayama, meditation & movement. My classes allow students the space to explore while challenging themselves to see where they are able to go. I have been teaching now for over 15 years and have completed training in core strength vinyasa, classical hatha, power, yin & yoga nidra.