Spreading Good Vibes in the capital and beyond

City of Om 2017 will be donating $2 from the sale of each festival ticket to the Love Your Brain Foundation, Care Canada & the Ottawa Humane Society.

Love Your Brain

The mission of the LoveYourBrain is to improve the quality of life of people affected by traumatic brain injury (TBI) through programs that build community. LYB was started by brothers, Kevin and Adam Pearce, after Kevin sustained a TBI just shy of the 2010 Winter Olympics. Motivated by their experiences—Kevin as a TBI survivor and Adam as his caregiver—the two set out to inspire others to better understand the most vital and fragile human organ, the brain.

Kevin’s remarkable resilience inspired millions through the HBO documentary, The Crash Reel, which was produced in January 2013 by Oscar nominated Director, Lucy Walker. Through the making of the film, the Pearce family’s experience brought to light the significance and prevalence of TBI and the lack of options and resources for the TBI community.  One of the organization’s primary areas of focus—yoga—is based on the growing science that regular yoga and meditation practice can transform wellbeing, including for people affected by TBI. LYB has three core programs: Yoga, Retreats, and Educational Curriculum.

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 photos courtesy  @lululemon

photos courtesy @lululemon

CARE Canada

Founded in 1945, CARE is a leading international humanitarian organization fighting global poverty. CARE works with the poorest communities in 95 countries to improve basic health and education, enhance rural livelihoods and food security, increase access to clean water and sanitation, expand economic opportunity, help vulnerable people adapt to climate change, provide lifesaving assistance during emergencies. 

CARE places special focus on working alongside women and girls living in poverty because, equipped with the proper resources, women and girls have the power to help whole families and entire communities escape poverty. To learn more, visit: 




The Ottawa Humane Society

The Ottawa Humane Society is a non-profit, community-based organization and a registered charity. It has a volunteer board of directors, drawn from supporters and the community at large. Since 1888, it have been the leading organization providing a safe haven for sick, injured and homeless animals in Ottawa. 
The Ottawa Humane Society’s mandate covers a broad spectrum of animal welfare concerns. The organization’s priorities include prevention and investigation of cruelty to animals, enforcement of laws for the protection of animals, public education and pet population control, through which it seeks to reduce the number of stray animals whose final solution is often destruction. The OHS provides a wealth of animal care information to the public through humane education visits, public information awareness booths, participation in various volunteer programs and the multitude of services offered to the community. Directed by a volunteer board of 14, the organization employs more than 100 staff with animal care, inspection specialists, outreach workers and administrative staff, augmented by a large and very important complement of volunteers.


City of Om Signature bracelet

We are so honoured to partner with MalaRae to create a second edition signature bracelet for City of Om 2017!  $1 from each bracelet sold will go to our 2017 charities!  This year’s intention is CONNECTION.  

CONNECTION to source + one another

CONNECTION to mother earth

CONNECTION to ourselves

Show your support for City of Om + this intention by wearing the 2017 Signature City of Om Bracelet at the event, and throughout the year!  $1 from every bracelet sold will be donated to City of Om 2017’s


If you missed out on the 2016 City of Om bracelet, for a limited time only you can pick up BOTH at a discounted price!  http://malarae.com/product/signature-city-of-om-combo/

City of Om 2017 is also a proud supporter of the following small local organizations that are making a BIG difference in our community!

Rhythms Rediscovered

Formerly Ottawa Yoga Outreach, Rhythms Rediscovered provides free yoga programs for people who otherwise would not have access through a network of qualified yoga teachers and strong partnerships with local organizations.  They aim to establish meaningful connections and share practical tools in supportive spaces to empower people to take responsibility for their own wellness.  


Ecology Ottawa

We believe that Ottawa residents are concerned about issues such as climate change, pollution and waste, and that they want sustainable communities where clean energy, air, and water, public transit, recycling, and green space protection take priority. We provide residents with the information and tools they need to understand local environmental issues and promote environmental leadership at city hall.


Harmony House

Harmony House is a second stage shelter for women and their children who are survivors of violence. We provide a transitional period from crisis shelter services to independent living in the community. At Harmony House we provide safe and affordable housing up to one year along with programs of individual and group support, accompaniment, advocacy and referral.