[ Brittany Bryden ]

Be prepared to be challenged and get out of your head. Lose yourself in the music and enjoy the flow but most of all have fun and let go to a rocking hip hop playlist. Your mat will be your playground!


[ JP Tamblyn-Sabo ]

Join JP for a special all-levels Ahimsa Yoga class designed specifically for City of Om 2017! Participating yogis can look forward to an active combination of intelligent, alignment-based sequencing, community connection and good times! Our practice will be focused on bringing people together, lighting up the joy in yoga, and connecting to the highest part of ourselves to make the most of the moment and our time together.


[ Philippe Landel ]

From Hasta Bandha to Adho Muhka Vrksasana, the heart and the throat are the magnetic centres of inversions and arm balancing. Fear can be debilitating and often stops us from reaching our potential. A slow and progressive approach is a must in order not to fall in the trap of Raga (attachment). Let’s have fun!


[ Mike Dynie ]

Curious about how a strong flowing yoga practice can help with meditation? Ashtanga Vinyasa is an beautifully structured movement system that originated in Mysore, India long ago, and continues to evolve. The practice starts with flowing Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskara), and progresses with standing postures, arm balances, seated poses, backbends and inversions.

What is unique to Ashtanga is the inclusion of meditation techniques within a movement practice, which require the practitioner to learn a more refined approach to alignment and sequencing. Join Mike to learn the foundations of this system, such as drishti (concentration points for the eyes), bandhas with core (moving energy up the central axis), and slow breathing (deliberately stretching each breath).


[ Michelle Tamblyn-Sabo ]

Goddess Flow™ is a fusion of yoga and circularized sensual movement. There are seven flows you will move through in class. Each inspired by the Seven Governing Goddesses of Goddess Flow. You will stretch, tone, empower, release, dance and restore your Divine Feminine Body. You have the permission to release emotions, take up space in the room and honour what your body truly needs on any given day. You will be celebrated for your beauty and naturally curvaceous, sensual feminine body. These Flows awaken your SoulBody's Wisdom, which and over time will lead you to uncover how YOUR body naturally desires to move. Be prepared to have fun, sweat and soul dive!

This connection to yourself, and the other women in the room opens you up to authentic connections, which is really what the true intention of this practice is; to live in your Divine Feminine essence, to be the creatrix of your life and to feel the magical presence of the Divine Feminine Unleashed in your inherently Sexy & Soulful Feminine Body and in the world around you. This my dear sisters will change the planet as we know it.


[ Ichih Wang ]
accompanied by Juno-Nominated Artist Rise Ashen

Do you want to increase or maintain your flexibility? Feel more mobility in your joints? Slow down in your fast paced life? Hungry to connect deeper mentally &/ emotionally? Willing to explore outside your comfort zone? Do you want to balance your already strong yang or Power Vinyasa practice? Join Ichih as she guides you through a grounding meditative yin yoga class accompanied by soothing meditative slow beats with Rise Ashen. 


[ Devinder Kaur ]

Known as the Yoga of Awareness, Kundalini Yoga is a holistic practice that includes pranayam (breath), asanas (postures), sound, mantra, meditation and relaxation. Join Devinder Kaur for an experience of Kundalini Yoga that will open your heart, expand your consciousness and soothe your body with a sound immersion with 4 symphonic gongs! Sat Naam!


[ Andrea RobertsonBhavantu Collective ]

This movement based yoga class will encourage your body in a creative, intelligent, therapeutic and dynamic way that systematically prepares the body and mind to go deeper into healing and transformation. Andrea will lead outside the box and focus on how to facilitate balance, stability, strength and suppleness. We will create breakthroughs as opposed to breakdowns in the various postures by learning to set the body up for success. Find strength and stability in the deep backbends creating freedom as opposed to fear. This will be a creative and experiential class with hands-on touch for support and adjustment.

This class will be enhanced with Saje Natural Wellness aromatherapy + essential oils


[ Ciara Beaton & Andrew Milliken ]

Trust. Connection. Play.
Join yoga instructors Ciara & Andrew for an hour of twosome yoga fun. You are invited to come play on your mat in the grass at this lighthearted and challenging partner-based class. Acro Yoga helps take the foundations of your yoga practice from ground to sky.

Live the high life with us and learn to safely spot each other, properly stack yo' bones, counterbalance, engage your core and communicate like a boss with a sweet community of yogis. Perfect for all levels of experience to grow and deepen your acro practice. No partner required ~ feel free to fly solo or with your favourite person to laugh your asana off with!

Come with zero expectations, a sense of adventure and be ready for some laughter. All levels of experience welcome. Bring your favourite friend, partner or member of your fam to jam with.

We can’t wait to meet you on your mat!


[ Amber Stratton

This dynamic, kick-asana class is for the true power yoga junkie. Have fun in a challenging and innovative blend of core training and yoga sequenced into a strong, energetic flow. This athletic flow focuses on building the core strength you need to support you in more advanced postures. 


[ Jen Dalgleish ]

This East meets West flow class offers a celebratory twist by featuring all styles of music, and the energy of a full on dance party. Be prepared to be challenged and get out of your head…lose yourself in the music, enjoy the flow and most of all have fun and let go! This class is awesome and you will love it.


[ Pete & Shan MacLaggan ]

The world, including the yoga community, needs us to rise above conformity and show up exactly as we are, as bravely, authentically and honestly as we can. Yoga inclined us to stand in our truth and to show the many faces and paths that lead to unity, so others can have the courage to be themselves and find their own unique way, too. Join us for an inclusive, all levels yoga class that will nudge us to dig a little bit deeper, to ground into our felt experiences to connect to ourselves, to each other and to realize that the whole point of this life - and our place within it - is connection, community and love. 


[ Wendy Martin ]

This class will allow you to experience the potential, natural intelligence and rhythm of your own breath. When we create a quieter pace and gentler rhythm inside of us we understand the importance of shifting from the buzz and static noise of our daily lives. This leads to a calmer mind, and movement that facilitates the unwinding deep in our tissues. This way we understand what it feels like to not be trapped by tension. This yoga and meditation class will be a natural compliment to the Free Spirit run, join me in the exploration of the sacredness of your breath in union with the way you move.  


[ Nigel Walker + Lucila Al Mar ]

Join Nigel Walker and a guest musician for a vinyasa flow yoga class that will leave you feeling grounded, energized and full of life. The live music will take you deeper into your practice while Nigel guides you through an intelligent sequence incorporating movement with breath. This is a class to soothe the soul!


[ Anne Wanda Tessier + Kaleigh Watts ]

Time to change the pace and unwind the day with a relaxing restorative yoga practice that will calm and restore the body and mind. This gentle yoga practice will soothe your nervous system, release tension in your muscles, calm the thoughts in your mind, and replenish your energy so that you can make the most of the rest of your day. In this practice, Anne will guide you through a series of restorative poses and breathing exercises intended to slow down the pace of our body and mind, accompanied by musician Kaleigh Watts. This class will be accessible to all.  A small blanket is recommended*.

*a limited number of yoga blankets will be available for class patrons to borrow for use in this class, and Halfmoon cotton yoga blankets will be available for purchase onsite at the special festival price of $40.


[ Kate Durie ]

A dreamy, fluid & mindful FLOW practice (Featuring a crystal singing bowl sound bath by Megan Marie Gates)… You will be guided through a blissFULL Desire Map infused sequence + guided meditation. We will explore life lived, on purpose, with purpose. From the inside out. Kate believes feeling good IS the whole point. So, how do YOU want to feel … in your body, your mind, your heart, your soul? On the mat? In your life? If you want to find out, you have to go in. So IN we will go. xo.

This class will be enhanced with Saje Natural Wellness aromatherapy + essential oils


[ Jenna Switzer ]

Flow & Roll with this unique class beginning with Yoga Tune Up therapy ball work, and moving into a unique style of playful flow incorporating the nuts and bolts of sound biomechanics while challenging your body from every conceivable angle. Breakthrough stagnant and habitual patterns with innovative and surprising detours using targeted mini vinyasas, dynamic stretches, and unconventional asana.