Clary returned to practicing yoga three years ago to assist with mental and physical health following a car accident that left her with chronic pain. She is a dedicated Pure Yoga ambassador with an enthusiasm towards healthy living.  Clary is passionate about motivating others through public speaking. With the hope that others can learn to put themselves first and act in kindness to achieve their full potential.  She emphasizes the importance of humour and self-care to improve and maintain resilience throughout life’s struggles. Her next project is to create an off the grid summer camp for adults to disconnect from everyday life and recharge, connect, play and laugh with other awesome adventure-craving adults. Clary is excited to meet, her fellow Yogi’s at the City of Om!


When it comes to yoga, Stéphane is all about balance.  He strives for a “just right” combination of Yin and Yang when teaching yoga.  Stéphane brings a strong presence, a solid foundational teaching style and his sense of humour to every class, making for a well-framed and accepting environment for students, with carefully selected music to set the mood of the class.  One of Stéphane’s favourite quotes deals with the futile attempt at attaining perfection, which he feels applies to every yogi:  “The search for perfection is all very well, but to look for Heaven is to live here in Hell.” – Sting


Liz is an avid runner, crossfit junkie and lover all of types of yoga. She practices yoga to bring balance to her busy schedule and uses it as a reminder to stay in touch and in tune with the ever changing sensations of her body.


Meet Maddy.. A very happy human who believes in dreaming big and chasing hard! She lives and breathes paddling and loves the outdoors! When she's not out on the water you can find her teaching, practising and/or laughing whether on her mat! Maddy's mission in life is to " To take full advantage of this amazing ife; to share with others our curiosity of movement through a variety of sport, yoga and personal exploration. To build strength for our next BIG adventure(s) and dreams deep in the mountains, by the sea or someplace in between."


My first yogic experience dates back 10 years ago when a girlfriend and I signed up for a class just to see the inside of this crazy and amazing local artist’s house. I haven’t stopped since. I committed even more deeply to my practice in August of 2016 when I completed an intensive YTT 200 with The Internal Peace Initiative in London, ON. Since then I have opened my eyes to the many forms of yoga and have spent this year indulging in self-love.  Among many things I am an energetic, fun-loving, scuba diving, kombucha-brewing, yoga teaching, compassionate student of life.  I look forward to connecting to the beautiful energy that is this year’s festival of OM!


I'm a science and design nerd who first started practising to help find peace and resilience in a hectic school and work life. I've continued with yoga to help keep both my mind and body balanced between heavy doses of volleyball, tennis, cycling and sitting at my desk doing design work. Yoga helps me embrace who I am and accept my so called failures.